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is reginald rag. police tell us someone stabbed him several times in the neck and body. detectives do not have any suspects yet rated. >> she helps shatter the glass ceiling in politics, not tributes are pouring in after the death of geraldine farah wrote. the former vice presidential candidate's life and legacy. >> ladies and gentlemen of the convention, my name is geraldine farah wrote. >> she made history in 1984 when she became the first woman to run for vice president on a major u.s. ticket. >> america is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. >> she died at a massachusetts hospital where she was being treated for blood cancer. in a statement, president obama said, geraldine will forever be remembered as a trailblazer who broke down barriers for women and americans of all backgrounds and all walks of life. >> are we going to win this one? >> she was a little-known congresswoman from queens, new york one one thurmont dell chose her as his running mate. >> vice president, it has such a nice ring to it. >> but they lost the election to ronald reagan and george bush in a landslide
to relax. he does not know when he will come back home to baltimore. >> stay with us for complete coverage of the disaster in japan. >>> back here in maryland it looks like the worst of the flooding has passed. the river finally crested yesterday afternoon. flood gates remained open overnight on the dam sending water into basements and back yards. that water won't recede until they close a few more flood gates, which might not happen until tomorrow. >> it's bad. this reminds you have niagara falls. >> and at last check, 19 flood gates were still open at the dam. >>> in baltimore city police are searching for a killer this morning. detectives say someone shot three people last night as they left the avenue. doctors say two men that were shot should survive. >>> police in montgomery county are looking for a man behind a vicious attack at an upscale clothing store. two women had just closed the store in bethesda when one realized she forgot something inside. when they went back, two men attacked them, killing one of the women and raping the other. the woman who survived was tied up all night.
. >>> police believe they have the so called east coast rapist underarrest. u.s. marshalls say that the 39 -year-old aaron thomas is accused of 17 attacks on women. the detectives launched a website and put up billboards along the east coast. he was discovered in new haven, connecticut. >>> october, 2009 -- halloween night was when the three girls were attacked. as soon as we processed that evidence and got the dna back, that's when we discovered the hit on the dna match. we all had the same dna, just not the name. >> he's suspected in 17 rapes beginning 14 years ago. county. >>> a mall shopper was attacked and left lying in the parking lot. now, there's a suspect behind bars. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the police tell us that the victim is in critical and stable condition. tips from the public led them to the man. this is the man who attacked a 61-year-old woman in the macy's parking lot. he beat and robbed her. >> the officers were on the scene and located a woman lying on the ground with a head injury. >> reporter: the victim's purse and car were missing
a little disturbance moving our way. for us that means it could be in the form of some snow. first warning live doppler radar, give you an idea of what is heading our way. we have two pieces of what will move to our south, one piece already down toward the gulf states. that is moving in our direction, then there is another piece farther to the west. that is going to also start to take form. we will combine and bring us a chance of a wintery mix. with that said, our forecast will be tricky into the overnight hours of tonight and into tomorrow. what we are going to see, are some changing conditions. it looks like this: temperatures in the 30s, we'll go into a daytime high of 46. a chilly day, with times of clouds and sun. overnight lows around 30 degrees, a little snow after midnight and then tomorrow we could see morning snow. not a major accumulation, but enough to remind us we're not that far out of winter and it is definitely going to be colder than today. we'll have the complete updated first warning forecast in a few moments. >>> thank you, tim. here's what people are talking about thi
targets in gadhafi's airforce. more for wjz in new york. >> reporter: the us navy fires tom hawk missiles and fighters drop bombs from the sky. the international campaign. french fighter jets and british ships joined the us hitting targets along the mediterranean coast. >> so much of their activity we have seen and so much of the regime's military efforts have been in this part of the country. >> but gadhafi is not backing down. libyan leader called in to tv and said its country. and the libyan government claims the international -- international airstrikes killed dozens of civilians. for weeks, gadhafi has been at war with rebels. if antigovernment fighters put several towns but were outmatched and eventually beaten back by libya's air force. leaders believe force is necessary. >> we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells its people there will be no mercy. >> reporter: gadhafi sends fighter jets to the town. this video shows a plane getting hit and then burning to the ground. rebels -- it's not clear whose plane it was or who attacked it. wjz eyewitness news. >> and president barack o
towards the cap toll in the last few days. the us has moved warships into the area, but the white house has resisted calls to step up a no fly zone. >>> gas prices continue to soar. now a group of maryland want to make sure those prices don't go even higher. yesterday, several people protested a possible gas tax hike in lutherville urging lawmakers to avoid adding another ten cents a gallon to the already sky high prices. >> businesses are struggling. families are struggling. they need to pay the bills and they can't afford to give anything more out and what needs to happen is to really tie in their belts. >> and right now, drivers are paying an average of $3.47 for a gallon of regular gas in baltimore. that is almost 40 cents higher than they paid last month. you can find the cheapest gas in your area on just click on the links and nones section. >>> even with those high gas prices, people find it cheaper to live here in maryland. one group hopes the high cost of living in d.c. will encourage even more people to move to baltimore. >>> getting folks from d.c. to appreciate how
a closer look at some of the damage on the west coast of the u.s. >>> back here in maryland the rain has passed, but still there were big flooding concerns in parts of the state overnight. the dam on the susquehanna river rose above flood stage. 23 floodgates are still open and the dam is operating under spill conditions. but the water levels are expected to recede as the morning moves on. people in nearby areas were taking the uncertainty in stride. >> well, this has been here for about 300 years, this little town, and its still here. it's flooded a lot of years. so i don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. >> it was a similar scene elsewhere in the state yesterday. in frederick county, wide stretches of roads were under water. submerging some pastures and cropland. warnings went out early enough to avoid rescue and property damage. >>> the actress who starred at snoop on the hbo series the wire remains behind bars this morning. a judge denied felicia pierson bail on charges of conspiring to sell heroin. she and 63 others were arrested this week in a wide ranging drug sweep. the
for the best. with so much uncertainty, the state department offered to evacuate more family members of the u.s. personnel. >> reporter: the elderly bore the brunt of the earthquake last week, unable to flee to highier ground and they're among the most vulnerable. there are a hundred seniors abandoned. this nurse wasn't going to let that happen to the 80 in her care. she hand her staff carried the patients out of their nursing home in the early hours of the crisis. there was no room to think about myself, she said, she said, i had to move them to a safer place. she found hospitals and homes and anywhere to take them in. she left them to find shelter with her family. >> reporter: weren't you worried about your own safety? she says, i wanted to be there until the end. charlie d'agata, wjz, eyewitness news. >>> and as part of continuing community commitment, you can support the disaster relief efforts. text red cross at 90999 to make a 10-dollar donation and visit their website and you can also give them a call. >>> a drunk driving crash kills one and nearly claims the life of a star soccer player
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8